As with many other industries, consumers in the holiday sector are becoming increasingly independent. The explosion in popularity of short-term holiday rentals, self-contained accommodation units, and alternative stays like glamping have revolutionised the sector. The challenge is in finding the appropriate balance between security, convenience, and flexibility for services such as self check-in for holiday accommodation.

Depending on the number of rooms or units at your site, there are a range of different solutions available. For a smaller site, the GALEO keypad is ideal; site managers can create temporary codes to send to guests that are valid for limited periods of time. For larger sites, an online access control system like ATRIUM makes coordinating the requirements and schedules of each room simple.

Give guests independence and convenience
Minimise the administrative burden
Reliable and accurate reporting

How it works

The ultimate goal of an access control system for holiday accommodation is convenience. Something that allows guests to come and go as they please without disturbing the site manager or other customers, and which guests can trust to keep their belongings safe. 

Self check-in for holiday accommodation

The GALEO keypad can be installed inside or outside across a site of self-contained accommodation units. The backlit keys make it easy to see and operate both during the day and at night, giving guests complete independence. Using the innovative Digicode® smartphone app, site managers can create and distribute keypad codes that are valid for limited periods of time. Guests, cleaners, and maintenance workers can only gain access during the specified periods, and the rest of the time, the door remains securely locked.

Reliable and accurate reporting

ATRIUM is an online networked access control system that makes the day-to-day management of access credentials simple. As easy to use for 5 doors as for 50 or 500, ATRIUM offers a hands-off approach that gives guests independence. With integrations available for CCTV and ANPR cameras, the entire site can be controlled in one cohesive strategy. If doors are forced, security managers can receive email alerts and CCTV pop-ups, allowing them to take immediate action in the event of a security breach.

A closeup of an engineer's hands and the side of a door as they use a screwdriver to screw a lock faceplate into position

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